Jurassic Jeeps

Gulliver's World

Take a jeep safari in search of dinosaurs...

Theme ParkGulliver's World
Park AreaLost World
TypeConvoy Ride
Driving through the Lost World

Driving through the Lost World

Intrepid explorers can venture into the heart of Gulliver's World's prehistoric themed Lost World area, driving a Jurassic themed jeep deep into the dinosaur land.

The tracked ride allows children to feel as if they are driving one of the four seater jeep themed cars, which run along a guide rail around a concrete road. This track circles through a wooded area and past some large dinosaur models.

Gulliver's World has no shortage of tracked rides featuring vehicles of various types, but Jurassic Jeeps is one of the best. It feels longer and more immersive than some of the others, and who doesn't love a prehistoric dinosaur theme?!

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