Runaway Minecarts

Gulliver's World

Ride the runaway mine carts...

Theme ParkGulliver's World
Park AreaSafari Kingdom
Opened13 May 2006
ModelMini Mouse
Runaway Minecarts

Runaway Minecarts

Runaway Minecarts (previously known as Runaway Train and sometimes still referred to by that name around the park) was a small children's rollercoaster which operated at Gulliver's World in Warrington from 2006 until it was removed in 2019.

The ride was a Mini Mouse coaster from Zamperla and featured a train of 8 two-seater cars which travelled around a gently downward sloping track consisting of a series of hairpin style straight sections and tight corners.

Runaway Minecarts was in the park's Safari Kingdom area next to the Togo Tower waterslide. It sat on a bed of gravel and the train was painted to look like it was comprised of wooden mine carts. While not extensively themed, it helped the ride to blend into the area.

The ride was removed from Gulliver's World in 2019 and sent to the new Gulliver's Valley theme park in Rotherham where it was re-opened as Rocky Ridge Railway in 2020.

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