Safari Swings

Gulliver's World

Swing through the trees and soar through the air...

Theme ParkGulliver's World
Park AreaSafari Kingdom
TypeWave Swinger
Safari Swings

Safari Swings

Sitting within the park's Safari Kingdom area, Safari Swings is Gulliver's World's wave swinger ride.

Wave swingers - also sometimes known as chair-o-planes - are popular flat rides installed at theme parks around the world, and feature individual chairs attached via long chains to an overhead circular roof. During the ride this spins, causing the chairs to fly outwards and giving riders the feeling of gracefully swooping through the air.

Most wave swingers are much the same as each other, but Gulliver's World's version has been nicely themed with a yellow, red and green colour scheme and various bold coloured symbols painted on the side.

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