Temple Raider

Gulliver's World

Venture deep into an ancient temple...

Theme ParkGulliver's World
Park AreaSafari Kingdom
TypeDark Ride
ManufacturerIE Park


Temple Raider is a small dark ride in the Safari Kingdom area at Gulliver's World.

Manufactured by I.E. Park and accommodating up to two riders in each ride car, Temple Raider has an ancient tomb theme.

The exact ancient civilisation on which it is based isn't really clear, but there are lots of skulls, a few mummies and various masks on the walls.

Perhaps unusually for these kind of rides, Temple Raider does not feature laser guns or any kind of interactivity: riders just passively take in the scenes that they pass.

Temple Raider is a very standard dark ride. The theming inside is adequate but nothing to write home about, and the lack of cohesive back story fails to deliver very much more than a short sit down.

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