Lego Reef

Legoland Windsor

Set your very own digital fish swimming in the giant virtual Lego aquarium...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaImagination
TypeInteractive Attraction
Creating fish in Lego Reef

Creating fish in Lego Reef

When its time to take a break and slow down a little, Lego Reef provides the perfect place to get away from the adrenaline filled activities filling the park.

The indoor attraction features a giant floor-to-ceiling video screen showing a huge computer generated aquarium.

Visitors can use interactive touchscreens to design their own Lego fish, selecting the type of species and colours, then sending it out to swim on the aquarium screen. When their fish gets hungry, an interactive "Feed Me" button appears which they must press to release fish food into the tank.

For those who prefer the physical world, there are boxes of Lego bricks on hand to build new aquatic creations.

Depending on the mood of the children in the room at the time, Lego Reef can either be a quiet relaxing space to watch the fish and play together, or a mad crush of kids all fighting over touchscreens and madly chasing their fish on the big screen. It is well worth checking out though, as one of those unique very "Legoland" attractions.

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