The Brick

Legoland Windsor

Hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks waiting to be built into incredible creations...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaMiniland
TypePlay Centre
Opened18 March 2022
Inside The Brick

Inside The Brick

Housed inside a giant green brick-shaped building, The Brick is an attraction where children can come and get creative building models using tens of thousands of Lego bricks housed inside.

A giant red Lego tap hangs from the ceiling, with a cascade of Lego bricks gushing from it and flowing into a trough below, which circles around the rest of the room. The trough is at just the right height for children to reach in, rummage around and find the bricks they are looking for.

Legoland staff are on hand to help, and also to tidy away models after children have finished playing and have left the area.

Aside from the giant tap and trough of bricks, the rest of the building is rather barren. The walls have been painted bright yellow, but aside from a few pot plants dotted around it looks a bit too bare - hopefully in time the park will get a bit more creative with the decoration. Not that kids will notice of course, with their main focus being the unique opportunity to delve into piles of more bricks than even the biggest collections of Lego would usually contain.

The Brick provides a welcome indoor space (especially in inclement weather) and Lego fans will love the opportunity to play with all the bricks. Parents may question why they have spent so much money on a theme park ticket just to have their kids doing something they could do at home, but it all adds to the experience of a day out at Legoland!

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