The Magical Forest

Legoland Windsor

Venture deeper into the hidden parallel world of Mythica and discover mythical creatures living in the mysterious forest...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaLego Mythica
Opened18 March 2022
Activating one of the AR points in the forest

Activating one of the AR points in the forest

Following the launch of Lego Mythica in 2021, the area has been extended with the addition of The Magical Forest for the 2022 season.

The walkthrough attraction takes visitors deeper into the parallel world of Mythica, allowing them to come up close with huge Lego models representing the mythical creatures that inhabit the land. Everything is set within a mysterious woodland, the path weaving in and out between the trees, with new scenes to be found at every turn.

Highlights include Bits & Bobs, a friendly baby Alicorn; the colourful Flowerhorn flower-covered rhino-like animal; giant Venus Fly Traps; a steaming lava pit; and a family of Crystal Claw Crabs. The finale comes as visitors enter a mystical cave and discover an animated Lava Dragon sleeping inside ... but how long before it awakes?

In common with other theming around the Mythica area, there are several AR activation points scattered throughout The Magical Forest. A special feature of the Legoland Windsor mobile app can be used to scan QR codes at those points which launch Augmented Reality experiences that bring some of the Lego models to life.

While not a must-see attraction, The Magical Forest is a welcome addition to Legoland. Being a walkthrough there are no long queues or waits for it, nor is the trail overly long for children to get bored. Kids will enjoy following the path through the woodland and discovering all the creatures and scenes on display, before exiting out into the rest of the Lego Mythica area.

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