Aero Nomad

Legoland Windsor

Fly high in a hot air balloon over the Kingdom of the Pharaohs

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKingdom of the Pharaohs
TypeBig Wheel
Opened1996 (ferris wheel)
2009 (Aero Nomad retheme)
Aero Nomad

Aero Nomad

Aero Nomad is a small ferris wheel that sits on the boundary of Kingdom of the Pharaohs.

The themed cabins look like hot air balloons, and can fit 4 or 5 people inside. It’s a nice gentle ride suitable for younger visitors, and gives some nice views across the park into Heartlake City.

Unfortunately the ride doesn’t have a particularly large capacity, so lines can get long at times. If you’re desperate for a sit down but can’t stand the wait, try the train just a little further down the hill instead.

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