Deep Sea Adventure

Legoland Windsor

Board your submarine ready for an adventure into the depths of the ocean in search of fish, sharks and other sea creatures...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaLego City
TypeSubmarine Ride
OpenedMarch 2020 (replaced Atlantis Submarine Voyage)
ManufacturerMack Rides
Duration4 minutes
ExtrasReserve and Ride
Boarding the submarine

Boarding the submarine

Deep Sea Adventure is a rethemed version of Atlantis Submarine Voyage which opened at Legoland in 2011.

The ride takes visitors on an adventure far below the surface of the ocean, diving in a submarine toward the ocean depths. On the way, they encounter a variety of sharks, rays, fish and other sea creatures.

Each submarine holds 14 people for the duration of the four minute journey. Special effects including bubbles make it feel like the submarine dives under the water, but in reality only the bottom part of the ride vehicle in submerged at any time. Windows low down on the bottom half of the submarine help with the illusion, but can also give adults a bit of a crick in the neck!

In the original Atlantis Submarine Voyage, a story played out during the ride which took guests on a journey in search of the lost city of Atlantis. Audio narration and music brought this to life, and encouraged visitors to interact with large buttons and video displays. Unfortunately, all this has been removed during the retheme into Deep Sea Adventure. Instead, the submarine travels silently through the aquarium, making the whole experience rather formal and boring compared to the fun of the original.

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