Desert Chase

Legoland Windsor

Traditional carousel in the heart of Kingdom of the Pharoahs.

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKingdom of the Pharaohs
Opened1996 (original)
2009 (renamed "Desert Chase")
ExtrasReserve and Ride
Desert Chase

Desert Chase

Desert Chase is Legoland Windsor's carousel, which sits in the Kingdom of the Pharoahs.

It's a smaller sized version of the traditional carnival galloping horses carousel, with a selection of colourful horses for chidren to ride. Unusually for Legoland, the ride doesn't have a particularly Lego-look - the horses could be found on any carousel, rather than looking as though they have been built from lego bricks.

Desert Chase was manufactured by Bertazzon and has been at the park since it opened, when it was known as Brickadilly's Carousel. The name was changed to Desert Chase when the area it sits in was rethemed to Kingdom of the Pharoahs in 2009.

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