Dragon's Apprentice

Legoland Windsor

Junior knights do battle on the back of their own mini dragon as it flies through the castle grounds...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKnight's Kingdom
ManufacturerWGH Transportation
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Dragon's Apprentice

Dragon's Apprentice

Dragon's Apprentice is Legoland's rollercoaster perfect for those not yet old enough (or brave enough!) to ride the full sized Dragon.

The coaster sits within Knight's Kingdom. It features its very own pint-sized dragon themed train which circles around a smaller version of the main castle.

While it is larger than typical kiddie coasters (including the park's Duplo Dino Coaster), it isn't overly intimidating even if its spiralling helix can cause the train to pick up a little bit of speed. Most of the time, riders will get two circuits per ride.

Younger riders seem to enjoy Dragon's Apprentice, and its a great stepping stone on the way to "proper" rollercoaster rides. Some children come off the ride with enough newly gained confidence to decide they'd like a go on the real Dragon coaster next door after all.

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