Duplo Airport

Legoland Windsor

Take to the skies in your own life-sized Duplo helicopter...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaDuplo Valley
TypeFlat Ride
Opened1996 (as "Whirly Birds")
2007 (renamed "Chopper Squadron")
2013 ("Duplo Valley Airport" retheme)
ExtrasReserve and Ride


Flying into Duplo Airport are a squadron of helicopters, ready for young Lego fans to take to the skies.

The ride features a set of two seater helicopters, each with space for up to one adult and one child.

Each helicopter is attached to a vertical pole which allows it to raise up above the ground. Once the ride begins, children can control both the height and rotation of their chopper via two levers in front of their seat.

The ride is one of the original Legoland Windsor attractions, opening in 1996 as Whirly Birds. It was rebadged Chopper Squadron in 2007, then became Duplo (Valley) Airport when Duplo Valley opened in 2013.

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