Fire Academy

Legoland Windsor

Race in your fire engine to put out the fire in a burning building...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaLego City
TypeFlat Ride
OpenedMarch 2005
ManufacturerMetallbau Emmeln
Fighting the fire

Fighting the fire

Fire Academy is a unique ride that has become a Legoland classic. It allows families to race against each other in their own fire engines, aiming their fire hoses at a burning building to put out the flames.

Four groups at a time are each assigned their own fire engine. Pumping a lever up and down, they power their engine down a track towards the “burning” building, racing against the other fire engines. Once at the end of the track they disembark their engine, then the adults turn handles to pump water from their fire hydrants while the children aim water jets toward the building.

Once the fire is out, a siren sounds and the groups must get back on their fire engine, pumping again to race back down the track and be the first engine to reach the finish line.

It is a pretty unique experience, and definitely one of the more physical activities on offer at Legoland. It is also very popular, with many kids delighting in the idea of being able to board their own fire engine and aim their hoses to squirt water at the “burning” building.

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