Flight of the Sky Lion

Legoland Windsor

Fly over an animated Lego world filled with mythical creatures...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaLego Mythica
TypeFlying Theatre
Opened29 May 2021
ManufacturerBrogent Technologies Inc
Modelm-ride Flying Theater
Flight of the Sky Lion entrance

Flight of the Sky Lion entrance

Flight of the Sky Lion is the centrepiece of Mythica, and a major indoor attraction at Legoland Windsor.

The ride is the UK's first flying theatre, which allows visitors to feel what it would be like to join the mythical sky lion creature on a flight through canyons, over vast expanses of water, and into fire-filled caves.

In addition to watching the specially created animated film featuring the Lego creatures, the theatre's seats move and there are various wind, mist and smell effects to heighten the experience and the sense of flight.

The whole point of flying theatres is to create an immersive experience where riders can believe they are flying. Unfortunately, this is where Flight of the Sky Lion is majorly let down: Unlike in other flying theatres where the domed screen completely envelops riders, surrounding them with the vastness of the images, the top of the screen on Legoland Windsor's version can be clearly seen. While younger kids may not notice, it totally destroys the illusion for everyone else, and feels like while Merlin were willing to invest in the seat hardware they lost interest and went for a cheap screen.

Aside from the screen problems though, Flight of the Sky Lion has been well animated and there are some nice effects. It feels like a huge ride by traditional Legoland standards, and is certainly welcome at Windsor. Perhaps in time they might even find some cash for a larger screen and make it into the show-stopping attraction it is so close to being.

TPJ Rating: starstarstarstar
Thrills: starstarstar
Theming: starstarstarhalf star
Experience: starstarstarstar

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