Haunted House Monster Party

Legoland Windsor

Join in with all the fun and magical treats at Lord Vampyre’s party for monsters large and small alike!

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaAdventure Land
TypeHaunted Swing
Opened13 April 2019
ModelMad House
ExtrasReserve and Ride
Haunted House decorated for the monster party

Haunted House decorated for the monster party

Lord Vampyre has invited you to his party, being held inside Legoland’s mysterious Haunted House. There’s a giant banqueting table laden with food and treats galore, and Lord Vampyre has promised to show off his greatest party trick … literally turning the house upside down!

Haunted House Monster Party is Legoland Windsor’s Vekoma Mad House ride, which is situated inside a large haunted mansion building in Adventureland. Following a fun filled pre-show, guests are invited into the dining room, to sit on long benches either side of a huge banqueting table. Once seated, the fun really begins as the seats start to swing. Higher and higher they go, making it seem like the whole room is spinning upside-down, eventually leaving you hanging above the table, vampire style. Of course, it’s all an illusion…

The ride is a brilliant version of the classic haunted swing style dark ride. The theming is especially well done, with lots of detail and everything really looking like oversized Lego models. There’s a nice catchy tune too!

Originally, Windsor’s Haunted House was supposed to be a drop tower ride, but the planning application got rejected. That has meant the park has ultimately ended up with a much better ride, more re-rideable and suitable for a wider range of families.

Although there’s Haunted House in the name, Haunted House Monster Party is focussed much more on the fun party atmosphere rather than spooky scares, so its enjoyable for any but the most timid of children. Adults will appreciate it as well, with the pantomime style humour and the impressive way the mad house illusion is pulled off.

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Haunted House Monster Party began construction over the 2018 season. To allow access to the site, the pathway around the hotel lake was blocked between Coasterguard HQ and Atlantis Submarine Voyage. However, the ride building could easily be seen rising into the sky from various locations within the park as construction progressed.

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