Hill Train

Legoland Windsor

Leg-saving transportation up and down the hill...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
AudienceAll Ages
Opened1991-1992 (Windsor Safari Park)
29 March 1996 (Legoland Windsor)
Length 1650 ft
Gradient1 in 7
Duration2 minutes
Hill Train

Hill Train

Hill Train is a welcome method of transportation, shuttling visitors up and down the steep Legoland Windsor hill.

The ride is a funicular railway which consists of two trains connected to each other via a cable. As one train leaves the top station, the other leaves the bottom station at the same time, helping both regulate the speed of the descending train and counterbalancing the weight of the ascending train to make it easier for the railway's electric motor to haul it up the hill.

Each train consists of three carriages painted red, yellow and blue, with the central yellow carriage offering space for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Hill Train is especially popular at the end of the day when little ones (and their parents!) have run out of puff and this can cause a long wait. Even so, given the choice between catching the Hill Train or slogging up the steep pathways back to The Beginning, people don't seem to mind too much.

The attraction actually pre-dates the theme park itself: It was originally installed on the site in 1991 when it was Windsor Safari Park, and is one of the only parts of the former attraction to have been retained during the conversion into Legoland Windsor.

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