Legoland Windsor

Young children get the chance to test their skills behind the wheel...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaLego City
TypeDriving School
AudienceYoung Children


For visitors too young to get behind the wheel on the full sized Driving School, L‑Drivers gives children between 3 and 5 years old the chance to drive their own reduced sized cars around a simplified road system.

The experience features a number of single seater blue, red and yellow electrically powered cars which children drive around a small oval track.

The cars controls are simple, with a steering wheel plus a single pedal to accelerate the car forwards. Some children have more success than others in making their car go and then keeping it going in the right direction, but there are Legoland staff on hand to help out if they get stuck.

L-Drivers is popular, especially amongst little children who have seen their older brothers and sisters having a go on the full Driving School attraction. Since there is limited capacity on the small road circuit usually only allowing around 6 drivers at a time, queues for L‑Drivers can be long.

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