Laser Raiders

Legoland Windsor

Adventure into the heart of an ancient Egyptian tomb in pursuit of Sam Sinister…

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKingdom of the Pharaohs
TypeInteractive Dark Ride
Opened20 March 2009
ManufacturerSally Corporation
Duration4 minutes
On-Ride Photos
Inside the Tomb

Inside the Tomb

Sam Sinister is up to no good inside an ancient Egyptian tomb, and Johnny Thunder has enlisted you to help defeat him and his henchmen.

Laser Raiders is an interactive dark ride, in which guests fire laser guns at red and green targets hidden throughout the Egyptian tomb in order to build up points, aiming to beat the other guests in their ride vehicle.

There are ninety targets scattered throughout ten different scenes. Rumour has it that there is a secret bonus target that, if hit, will add 7007 points to the lucky rider’s score. Since other target’s scores all end in 0, it will be easy to tell if you ever manage to hit the special target as the final total will end in 7.

The ride has some nicely themed scenes, although disappointingly there are very few Lego models to be found – most of the scenery is made of plywood or fibreglass models, which is a shame. However, the theming is nicely interactive, and hitting many of the targets will trigger various actions to happen within the scene.

Queueline theming

Queueline theming

The laser guns project a large red circular light from their front, helping children aim at the targets more easily than the laser pointer system found on some older style rides.

Although now over a decade old, Laser Raiders is still a hugely popular ride which means it regularly gets queues well over an hour long – and sometimes well over that on rainy days where hundreds of park guests head inside it as one of the few indoor attractions on offer.

While the queueline is nicely themed inside a large tent, waits are often too long for small children. The park has attempted to help address this in recent years by adding an area for kids to sit and watch Lego cartoons while other members of their party queue. Parents can then pick up their children just before entering the final part of the queueline.

Laser Raiders Map

Laser Raiders Map

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