Merlin's Challenge

Legoland Windsor

Are you brave enough to take on a challenge from the wizard Merlin?

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKnight's Kingdom
TypeFlat Ride
Opened2011 (as "Knight's Quest")
2020 (renamed "Merlin's Challenge")
ManufacturerMack Rides
ExtrasReserve and Ride
Merlin's Challenge

Merlin's Challenge

Merlin's Challenge is a spinning roundabout style ride in the Knight's Kingdom area of Legoland Windsor.

The ride's cars travel around in a circle along the outer edge of the ride, over an undulating surface which causes the cars to bounce up and down.

It spins pretty fast too, causing centrifugal force to push riders outwards into the side of the car. For this reason, adults are definitely encouraged to sit on the left next to their small children so as not to crush them!

The ride was orginally positioned in Adventure Land where it opened in 2005 as Dino Dipper. It was rethemed and moved to Knights Kingdom in 2011 to make way for Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

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