Mia's Riding Adventure

Legoland Windsor

Saddle up and take a horse ride with Mia and her Lego Friends…

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaHeartlake City
TypeDisk'O Coaster
Mia's Riding Adventure

Mia's Riding Adventure

Mia’s Riding Adventure is the perfect ride for equestrian fans, allowing them to get on the back of a horse for a high flying spinning experience.

The ride is a very well themed version of a Zamperla Disk’O, on which up to 40 people at a time can sit on outward facing horses arranged on a large circular platform, which spins as it moves up and down a halfpipe shaped track.

Mia’s Riding Adventure is a Mega Disk’O – the largest version of the ride that Zamperla currently produce. Its theming is very nicely done, with the usual seats swapped for colourful Lego horses. It sits on previously unused land in the centre of the park, which was opened up as part of the Heartlake City redevelopment.

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