Raft Racers

Legoland Windsor

Prepare to get soaked as you race down the water slide in your dinghy...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaDuplo Valley
TypeDinghy Slide
OpenedMay 1999 (as "Extreme Team Challenge")
2013 ("Raft Racers" retheme)
ManufacturerWhiteWater West
Boats at the top of the slide

Boats at the top of the slide

Utilising Legoland's steep hill to the full, Raft Raiders is a two lane water slide in Duplo Valley.

Riders choose whether to tackle the blue or yellow slide, then climb into an inflatable dinghy at the top. There's a strictly enforced rule that there must be two riders per boat: single riders are not allowed.

The dinghies slide down the water-filled chute, picking up speed quickly. With the slide twisting right and left as it goes, passengers are in for a wet ride. And you're almost certain of a soaking!

Originally opened in May 1999, the ride was first known as Extreme Team Challenge: an unusual choice of name considering it isn't particularly extreme, nor does it involve any team-based competition. The name was changed to Raft Racers when the surrounding area was rethemed as Duplo Valley in 2013.

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