Sky Rider

Legoland Windsor

Take an elevated ride out over Miniland...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaImagination
ManufacturerPremier Rides
Travelling over Miniland

Travelling over Miniland

Sky Rider allows visitors to get a high level view over Legoland, looking down on the park from an elevated track that winds around near the top of the hill.

Sky Rider's vehicles seat up to three riders, and follow a slightly undulating loop of track approximately 4 metres above the ground, which provides views out over Miniland and around the Imagination area of the park.

The ride's slow speed and low capacity can lead to long queues, and it often has to close due to the weather. According to one ride mechanic from years past, it has problems "if it's too sunny, too windy, too rainy, too hot or too cold". With a diagnosis like that, you've got to be thankful it's ever open at all!

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