Space Tower

Legoland Windsor

Use a rope to pull yourself to the top of the space tower...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaImagination Centre
TypeFlat Ride
OpenedMarch 1997
ClosedNovember 2017
Space Tower

Space Tower

Space Tower was the ideal ride for Legoland visitors who wanted a bit of a workout.

Riders would sit on one of four two-person seats which surrounded the tower. By using a rope, they could slowly winch themselves up to the top of the tower - something which didn't take as much effort as it sounds, as the ride was power-assisted.

There were great views from the top of Legoland and out over Windsor towards London, as the tower slowly rotated. Riders could either keep hold of the rope to stay at the top, or let go to "freefall" back to the ground.

Space Tower was a fun, and something different from the usual Legoland rides. Sadly though, with a maximum capacity of just eight, queues could be extremely long.

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