The Dragon

Legoland Windsor

Ride on the back of a dragon as it flies out from Lego castle

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKnight's Kingdom
ManufacturerWGH Transportation
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Dragon coaster

Dragon coaster

The Dragon is Legoland Windsor’s biggest rollercoaster, taking riders for a journey though the Lego castle before flying out around the grounds on the back of a large green dragon.

In the first half of the ride the train passes slowly through the inside of the castle past various scenes depicting castle life, all recreated in Lego. Highlights include a large banquet with the smell of roast chicken in the air, a magician’s laboratory full of colourful bubbling flasks, and a giant red smoking dragon.

Following the dark ride section, the ride speeds up as it moves outside for the rollercoaster section, taking in some wide helices through the castle grounds and diving down into a dark tunnel for a great headchopper moment.

Unlike some variations of The Dragon at other Legoland parks which rely on powered coaster technology, Windsor’s version was built by WGH Transportation as a traditional gravity driven rollercoaster. Given its advancing years, it still provides a smooth and exhilarating ride – even for those considerably older than the target market. It isn’t in the realm of “scary” rollercoasters, but its ground-hugging layout is still a lot of fun.

Taking the coaster section on its own, it's good but at the end of the day is just a nice family coaster. However, combined with the preceding dark ride section and general level of attention to detail in its theming (even the castle feels solid and real, rather than some cheap papier-mâché applied to a tin warehouse), Windsor’s Dragon is truly special.

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