Thunder Blazer

Legoland Windsor

Fly through the Kingdom of the Pharoahs on a swinging chair...

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaKingdom of the Pharaohs
TypeWave Swinger
Opened1996 ("Brickadilly's Chair-o-Plane"l)
2009 ("Thunder Blazer" retheme)
Thunder Blazer

Thunder Blazer

Thunder Blazer is a small wave swinger ride which sits within Legoland's Kingdom of the Pharoahs.

Riders sit on single seats suspended on chains attached to the roof of the roundabout style ride, which spins and causes the chairs to swing outwards. Unlike larger wave swingers, Thunder Blazer does not raise up and the chairs remain at a constant height.

Thunder Blazer was one of the original Legoland Windsor attractions, and was previously known as Brickadilly's Chair-o-Plane before acquiring its new name and desert aeroplane theme in 2009.

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