Vikings' River Splash

Legoland Windsor

Float down a Viking river through raging rapids and under cascading waterfalls

Theme ParkLegoland Windsor
Park AreaLand of the Vikings
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
Opened18 August 2007
ManufacturerABC Rides
Duration3 minutes
On-Ride Photos
Rapids boat

Rapids boat

Vikings’ River Splash is one of Legoland’s wettest rides, taking visitors on a trip down a raging river past Lego Viking figures. It is a whitewater rapids style ride, with riders journeying downstream in nine seater circular boats.

Almost before the ride starts, boats pass through a cascading waterfall, then alongside a set of water guns operated by fellow park guests. The pre-ride warnings about getting soaked should be well heeded!

Floating downstream as the river bends this way and that, boats are tossed around in the turbulent waters, crashing into the sides as they pass by various Lego Viking characters.

Near the end of the ride there used to be a large tipping bucket that would gradually fill with water. When it was full it would tip over, emptying its contents over the unlucky boat below. This seems to have been turned off in recent years however – perhaps this was too wet for even Legoland’s most drenching ride!

The ride was originally supposed to open at the start of the 2007 season, although rumoured problems with the original manufacturer caused substantial delays and the new version from ABC Rides didn’t open until the middle of the summer. Perched half way up the hillside, in the early days its concrete water channel was very visible and looked a bit unfinished, but trees and landscaping have been added to help screen the worst offending parts.

Apart from on the coldest of days, Vikings’ River Splash has been one of the most popular rides in the park ever since it opened, but is luckily also one of Legoland’s highest capacity attractions.

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