Raptor Attack

Lightwater Valley

Venture into the heart of a mine with a prehistoric secret...

Theme ParkLightwater Valley
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened2 April 1987 (as "Rat Ride")
4 April 2010 (as "Raptor Attack")
Mine themed entrance

Mine themed entrance passageway

Buried deep underground at the bottom of a mine shaft you will find Raptor Attack, a ride into a dinosaur-filled prehistoric underground chamber.

Raptor Attack is a classic Anton Schwarzkopf Wildcat coaster, fully enclosed in a warehouse building to give the impression it is underground. As the train journeys around the track, various animatronic velociraptors appear in a series of near misses.

Schwarzkopf fans will appeciate the chance to ride a Wildcat, even though this is not in stunning condition: cars sometimes have to be packed with water bottles for example to ensure they make it back to the station.

When it first opened in 1987, the rollercoaster was known as Rat Ride was billed as the world's first underground coaster with the trains designed to look like giant rats in a sewer. In 2010, the ride was given the new "Raptor Attack" name and dinosaur theme, but the ride system remains the same.

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