Speed: No Limits

Oakwood Theme Park

The UK's first beyond vertical drop rollercoaster...

Theme ParkOakwood Theme Park
Opened13 April 2006
Height115 ft
Length1969 ft
Max Speed59 mph
Vertical Angle97°
At the top of the 97° drop

At the top of the 97° drop

Speed was the UK's first Euro-Fighter, and holds the records for the fastest, tallest and steepest rollercoaster in Wales.

The ride opened at the Pembrokeshire theme park in 2006 as Oakwood's second large rollercoaster - the other being the Megafobia wooden coaster.

Unlike traditional rollercoasters, Speed features a vertical lift hill which hauls the ride's eight seater cars straight upwards before they roll over the top of the lift tower and plunge down the other side in a beyond-vertical 97° drop.

The drop is followed by an airtime hill, overbanked turn and then a vertical loop which is much more circular than the tear-drop shaped loops more commonly seen. After the mid-course brakes comes a heartline roll followed by a double helix, before the train is brought to a halt by the coaster's magnetic brake run.

While it has been eclipsed by better Euro-Fighters since it opened, Speed: No Limits gave the UK its first taste of the Gerstlauer ride model, and remained the tallest and fastest Euro-Fighter until Fluch von Novgorod opened at Hansa Park in Germany in 2009.

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