Boulder Dash

Paultons Park

Spinning boulders and dinosaur eggs...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaLost Kingdom
TypeFlat Ride
Opened17 May 2016
ModelDemolition Derby
Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash riders can choose between sitting inside either big rocks or giant dinosaur eggs for a swirling, spinning prehistoric fun time.

The ride is a Demolition Derby family ride from with Zamperla.

Six themed ride cars pass between two large rotating circular discs in a figure of eight style path. Riders can control the spinning of their individual egg or boulder, which can lead to some intense spinning and near-miss encounters!

Demolition Derby rides can be found all over the place, but Boulder Dash at Paultons is set apart by some nice custom theming which sits well within the park's Lost Kingdom prehistoric dinosaur land.

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