Buffalo Falls

Paultons Park

Race down the treacherous Buffalo Falls in an inflatable raft...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaTornado Springs
TypeDinghy Slide
Opened2003 (as "Wave Runner")
12 April 2021 ("Buffalo Falls" retheme)
ManufacturerMetallbau Emmeln
ModelWave Runner
ExtrasOn-Ride Photos
Buffalo Falls

Buffalo Falls

Buffalo Falls is a four-lane dinghy slide within the Tornado Springs area of Paultons Park.

Riders climb to the top of a tower and climb into their inflatable dinghy. Once safely seated, a platform slowly tilts to set the raft careering down the slide, sprinkling the riders with water along the way as they race the other dinghies beside them to the bottom.

The slides were installed at the theme park in 2003 and were originally known as "Wave Runner", before being incorporated into Tornado Springs when the new area opened in 2021. Originally, the ride was entirely self-operating, with riders in charge of pressing a button to release their inflatable raft themselves. These days, however, the release is controlled by a member of staff stationed at the top of the tower.

Buffalo Falls is a popular ride, especially on hot summer days. Unfortunately its relatively low capacity can cause long queues at times, but it is well worth the wait for a chance to race others down the slide.

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Wave Runner

The slide was originally known as Wave Runner before the introduction of Tornado Springs.

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