Paultons Park

Twist and turn through the Hampshire countryside on the snakey Cobra coaster...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
AudienceOlder Families
Opened18 March 2006
ModelBobsled Coaster
Height54 ft
Length1476 ft
Max Speed31 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Cobra's final helix

Cobra's final helix

As it opened in 2006, Cobra became the first of Paultons' "big" rides, expanding the park's target market from young children to something the whole family could begin to enjoy.

Cobra is a Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster, which shares characteristics in common with Wild Mouse style rollercoasters but stretches the layout over a much wider area and adds interesting new elements and new technologies.

Riders sit two-by-two in four seater cars which are decorated at the front with friendly-looking cartoon style cobra faces. After they climb the 54ft lift hill the cars drop down a sweeping circular helix, before entering a wild mouse switchback style track section. Following this comes another downward spiral followed by one of the highlights of the ride: a series of airtime filled hills culminating in the cars passing through "the shed of doom", a wooden shed placed over the track. Cobra's finale comes as a banked helix taken at a good speed, before the cars are slowed to a stop by the rollercoaster's extremely smooth magnetic braking system.

Cobra is exciting enough to enthral teenagers, but not too intense as to be inaccessible to younger children. It is a superb family ride, and a perfect addition to Paultons. While it does attract a queue, this is never too long - just as well, as the rollercoaster is very re-ridable!

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Cobra Opening Day - 18th March 2006 video

Cobra Opening Day - 18th March 2006

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