Paultons Park

Join in the harvest as you swing high over the fields of Tornado Springs to gather in the crops...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaTornado Springs
TypeGyro Swing
Opened12 April 2021
ModelDiscovery 30
Height 85 ft


Towering over Tornado Springs, Cyclonator is Paulton's Park giant gyro swing ride.

Up to 30 riders sit facing outwards on the edge of a disk attached to a large arm which swings up to 25 metres into the air as the disk slowly spins around, on a contraption supposedly originally designed to harvest the crops for the middle-American townsfolk.

Cyclonator is a Discovery 30 from Zamperla, and opened in 2021 as part of Paultons Park's new Tornado Springs area.

In somewhat of a departure from their usual ride selection, it is Paultons' first installation of a massive thrill ride. The gamble seems to have paid off though, with great feedback and guest reactions about the mighty swinging monster machine.

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