Dino Chase

Paultons Park

Race with the dinosaurs around prehistoric garden...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaLost Kingdom
TypeKiddie Coaster
Opened2003 (as "Flying Frog")
17 May 2016 ("Dino Chase" retheme)
Dino Chase

Dino Chase

Dino Chase is the smallest coaster at Paultons Park and is the perfect pint-sized introduction to rollercoasters for young children.

The ride is a small Tivoli model from Zierer, and features a simple oval track which dips gently downhill back to the station from the top of the booster wheel lift hill.

The kiddie coaster opened in 2003 as Flying Frog, with the train originally featuring a large green amphibian. When the new Lost Kingdom area was opened in 2016, the rollercoaster was renamed Dino Chase and rethemed with a friendly looking dinosaur train.

As with many kiddie coasters, Dino Chase doesn't provide the greatest or most comfortable ride experience for adults, but it seems a hit with young kids.

Flying Frog (2003-2015)

Dino Chase opened at Paultons Park in 2003 as "Flying Frog" and originally featured a green frog styled train.

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