Paultons Park

Ride the eruption right out of the top of the volcano...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
TypeShot/Drop Tower
AudienceOlder Families
Opened31 March 2012
ManufacturerSBF Visa Group
ModelDrop'N Twist
Height 82 ft


Magma is Paultons Park's volcano themed family drop tower.

Riders sit facing outwards on a circular gondola which is shot up the tower, straight out of the steaming volcano below. The gondola rotates slowly as the rest of the ride sequence continues, featuring a series of drops downwards and further shots upwards.

Magma's theming - completed by London's RMA Ltd - is really nice, with the large pink-ish volcano sitting at its base housing both the queueline and a few jurassic surprises too.

I'm not usually a fan of drop towers, but Magma's reasonably tame 25 metre height and general communal fun has won me over. It's a superb ride, and a fantastic addition to Paultons' growing collection of rides suitable for slightly older children and families.

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