Rio Grande Train Ride

Paultons Park

Ride the Rio Grande railway through Paultons Park...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaTornado Springs
AudienceAll Ages
ManufacturerSevern Lamb
The Rio Grande pulls into the station

The Rio Grande pulls into the station

The Rio Grande Train ride has been a staple at Paultons Park since it was constructed in 1987.

The train takes passengers on a journey around the park and, since the area was opened in 2021, through the heart of Tornado Springs.

The circular track also passes through the woodland, beside the river, and along past Peppa Pig World. It provides a welcome sit down, and a nice scenic tour.

The railway was closed for the 2019 season, with the track partially taken up to allow construction of Tornado Springs. It was slightly re-routed and reopened in 2021.

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