Storm Chaser

Paultons Park

Chase the storm as it blows through the heart of Tornado Springs...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaTornado Springs
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened12 April 2021
ManufacturerMack Rides
ModelSpinning Coaster
Height66 ft
Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser

A storm is brewing over Tornado Springs, and you are invited to join an intrepid group of storm chasers to race the winds through 1950s small-town America.

The ride, a spinning coaster from Mack Rides, is the headline attraction in Paultons Park's Tornado Springs area. It is a clone of Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm in California and was originally planned to open in 2020, but was delayed until 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Storm Chaser is the largest of Paultons Park's growing collection of rollercoasters, but fits perfectly both with the park's family-friendly target market and into the Tornado Springs area.

The park have gone to town with the theming in Tornado Springs, and Storm Chaser is no exception. The queueline is largely set within an old barn, and winds around various pieces of old fashioned farming equipment before briefly emerging outside and climbing a staircase up to the rollercoaster's elevated ride station.

Riders board one of the 4 cars, which all seat four riders in groups of two back-to-back. But of course, it doesn't really matter whether they start facing forwards or backwards, as the free spinning cars will ensure they are soon twisting and turning in all directions.

Trains don't take long to climb the 65 foot lift hill. There's briefly time to take in the view over the rest of Paultons from the top before the track swings down and to the right, setting the cars spinning. There are various sweeping turns and airtime hills, before the train navigates through a surprisingly intense ground-hugging helix. It's definitely the highlight of the ride, which sets everything twisting again just in time for the finale and the final brakes.

Paultons Park are gaining a reputation for selecting fantastic rides to add to the theme park, and this tradition continues with their incredible Storm Chaser. The rollercoaster is wonderfully smooth, brilliantly paced, and a real crowd pleaser which stands to elevate the park even further into the major league of UK theme parks.

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