Trekking Tractors

Paultons Park

It's time to inspect the crops down on the farm, from the cab of your own tractor...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaTornado Springs
TypeFlat Ride
ManufacturerMetallbau Emmeln
ExtrasOn-Ride Photos
Inspecting the crops

Inspecting the crops

Trekking Tractors is a gentle ride through the farm in Tornado Springs.

Children can sit in the front seat of their tractor and take the steering wheel to "drive" around the farm.

During the journey, riders will pass various fruit and vegetable crops being grown ... for real. No plastic plants to see here!

The tractors actually follow a rail in the centre of the concrete roadway, so there's no danger of them veering off course.

Trekking Tractors has been at Paultons Park since 2007, and was incorporated into Tornado Springs when the new area opened in 2021.

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