Windmill Towers

Paultons Park

Water or wind, ride up and down Tornado Springs' power generating towers...

Theme ParkPaultons Park
Park AreaTornado Springs
TypeDrop Tower
Opened12 April 2021
ModelDouble Family Freefall Tower
Windmill Towers

Windmill Towers

The pair of Windmill Towers in Tornado Springs provide two gentle drop tower rides for children not quite ready for the larger thrills afforded by Paultons Park's full-sized Magma drop tower.

Riders must choose between the Water or Windmill themed tower, which supposedly provide power to the small American town.

Each give the same ride experience, with the ten seater gondolas gently bouncing up and down the towers multiple times each ride cycle.

The towers are a lot of fun, especially for small children and are a welcome addition to the park, filling a gap left by the former Jumping Bean junior drop tower which left Paultons in 2017.

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