Tornado Springs Construction

Paultons Park

1950s Americana comes to Paultons Park in 2021 with the opening of the multi-million pound Tornado Springs expansion.

Tornado Springs

Tornado Springs is Paultons Park's new land which was originally due to open in May 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in April 2020 the park announced that sadly the launch would be postponed until Easter 2021.

Occupying 4 acres near the front of the Hampshire theme park, Tornado Springs is themed around a Midwestern American mining town in the 1950s which has recently suffered from several large storms that have passed through bringing destruction in their wake.

As the largest single investment in the history of Paultons Park, Tornado Springs includes several new rides. Headlining the area is Storm Chaser, a 65ft tall Sierra Sidewinder spinning rollercoaster from Mack. A Zamperla Gyro Swing named Cyclonator and Al's Auto Academy, a driving school style attraction are among the area's other new rides together with two Windmill Towers drop rides from Zierer. These join the existing Trekking Tractors ride which is rethemed to fit into the new area, and the Wave Runner dinghy slide which is renamed Buffalo Falls.

Along with the new rides, Route 83 Diner joins the park's existing line-up of restaurants and Al's Shop and Service becomes Tornado Springs' garage themed gift shop.

Artist's Impression

An artist's impression of the new area is featured on construction hoardings surrounding the construction site

August 2019 Construction

The area which will form most of Tornado Springs has been fenced off from the rest of the park and construction has been taking place during the 2019 season. The following are some photos from August 2019 of progress so far.

Construction fence

Themed construction fences feature Tornado Springs images and information

Storm Chaser footers

Storm Chaser footers

Storm Chaser station

Storm Chaser station

Storm Chaser queueline

Most of Storm Chaser's queueline will be undercover beneath Buffalo Falls (right), before crossing over to the main station building (left)

Storm Chaser station

The Storm Chaser ride storage and maintenance area will be underneath the station

Storm Chaser footers

Footers for Storm Chaser's main helix are in place

Route 83 Diner & Al's Shop and Service

The steel structure of the Route 83 Diner & Al's Shop building is complete

Route 83 Diner

Looking across to the Route 83 Diner from the Storm Chaser site. The Cyclonator Gyro Swing will be constructed at the top left of the photo, which is currently home to the temporary site offices.

Al's Auto Academy

Buildings are being erected on the site of the Al's Auto Academy car ride

Al's Auto Academy

Al's Auto Academy car ride site

Buffalo Falls

The new Buffalo Falls wooden cladding has been added to the existing Wave Runner dinghy slide

Windmill Towers

The Windmill Towers drop towers from Zierer will sit next to Trekking Tractors

Trekking Tractors

Trekking Tractors (left) remains open for the 2018 season, with the Windmill Towers construction site fenced off just beyond (right)

Tornado Springs

Details of Tornado Springs attractions are revealed on the surrounding fences