Safari Adventure

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

Set off on your own animal sightseeing driving expedition...

Theme ParkPettitts Animal Adventure Park
TypeAntique Cars
ModelTrack Ride
One of the old Ford cars ready for an adventure

One of the old Ford cars ready for an adventure

Children can take the wheel for their own driving experience past wild animals on Safari Adventure at Pettitts Animal Adventure Park.

The ride features four seater antique cars which make their way around a guide rail embedded into a concrete roadway, with children able to "drive" by turning the steering wheel.

Along the way around the large road loop, the cars pass safari style theming and several humorous oversized cartoon style animal models.

While the concept is fairly simple, Safari Adventure is a lovely ride full of charm. Its animal theme is perfect for Pettitts, and the ability to "drive" their own car is hugely appealing for kids.

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