Pettitts Chicken Show

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

A chorus of farmyard animals...

Theme ParkPettitts Animal Adventure Park
AudienceAll Ages
ModelSinging Chicken Show
Singing chickens

Singing chickens

Children sing about Old McDonald's Farm, but what if Old McDonald's Farm could sing? The Chicken Show at Pettitts Animal Adventure Park is about as close as you might get.

The show features a collection of animatronic chickens together with a frog, a fox and a farmer who perform musical singing shows every half an hour.

Visitors who happen to walk into the Pettitts Chicken Show building at other times will be treated to a mini show, and then offered the chance to hear a joke by putting a coin in a slot at the side of the stage.

Pettitts Chicken Show is hilarious, and an attraction very in keeping with the park when you realise its beginnings as a poultry farm. Beware though: the "Pettitts Chicken Show" title song is extremely catchy and will become an earworm you won't get rid of for days!

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