Marble Madness

Pleasurewood Hills

Roll around like a marble speeding around a board game...

Theme ParkPleasurewood Hills
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened27 June 2014
ManufacturerMaurer Rides
ModelWild Maus Classic
Height49 ft
Length1214 ft
Max Speed28 mph
Duration1¼ minutes
Marble Madness

Marble Madness

Marble Madness is Pleasurewood Hills' classic Wild Mouse rollercoaster which opened at the park in 2014.

The coaster supposedly allows riders to feel what it would be like to be a marble rolling around in a board game, although the theme is a little woolly: the ride cars have big friendly cartoon faces painted on them, which look decidedly un-marble-like!

That, though, does little to counteract the fun of Marble Madness. While it has a simple standard wild mouse layout, it is nicely presented and reasonably speedy, providing a lot of entertainment for the family target market.

Marble Madness was bought from Flamingo Land where it originally operated as Wild Mouse until 2012. Before opening at Pleasurewood Hills it was given a thorough refurbishment - something that took much longer than the park originally expected, resulting in a delayed opening. Apparently the park initially considered re-theming the cars as speeding bullets from a gun, before settling on the more family-friendly marble theme.

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