Happy Caterpiller

South Parade Pier

Wacky worm kiddie coaster overlooking The Solent

Theme ParkSouth Parade Pier
TypeKiddie Coaster
Happy Caterpiller

Happy Caterpiller

Happy Caterpiller is a wacky worm kiddie coaster placed at the end of South Parade Pier.

The ride name comes from a mispelling of "caterpillar" painted on the wall below the station platform, although it is named "Caterpillar" on the other ride signage.

Being at the end of the pier, the rollercoaster has a nice setting above the sea and gives some good views out into The Solent. As wacky worms go, it is very smooth and offers a pleasant ride.

The rollercoaster is included in South Parade Pier's ride wristband, or can be ridden separately in exchange for two ride tokens (£2.00).

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South Parade Pier Happy Caterpiller POV video

Happy Caterpiller POV

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