Barry and Stuart

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Dark and twisted comedy magic show

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaCalypso Quay
TypeMagic Show
SeasonFright Nights
Retired2011 (replaced by Screamplexx Cinema)
StarringBarry Jones
Stuart MacLeod
LocationTime Voyagers cinema
Duration15 minutes
Barry and Stuart on stage

Barry and Stuart on stage

Barry and Stuart was a live comedy magic show at Fright Nights 2010 and 2011, performed inside the Time Voyagers cinema building.

The show starred BAFTA nominated magicians Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod, who were best known to the public at the time for their Channel 4 television series.

Barry and Stuart performed various darkly comic themed magic tricks, including needles through body parts, and an audience member appearing to float in the air. The shows featured a lot of audience interaction, with one memorable trick having the audience viewing ghostly spirits through their mobile phone cameras.

Sadly, the cinema auditorium would not be used again for seasonal Fright Nights attractions until 2018 when Screamplexx Cinema was presented in the building.

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