Creek Freak Massacre

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Step inside the old Creek Woods Saw Mill, and discover for yourself the abandoned building filled with crazed chainsaw-wielding lumberjacks...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaOld Town
TypeScare Maze
SeasonFright Nights
LocationLogger's Leap station and queueline
Entrance Sign

Entrance Sign

Creek Freak Massacre is Thorpe Park's new scare maze for Fright Nights 2019, and the park has billed it as "the most intense Halloween maze in the history of Fright Nights".

The maze is set in Creek Woods Saw Mill, an old abandoned building which promises to be home to a family of crazed lumberjacks, all wielding chainsaws and ready for a few human choppings!

Creek Freak Massacre is located in Old Town at the back of the park, and uses the old Logger's Leap queueline and station building. While it doesn't quite live up to the hype of most intense maze ever, it's still a good addition.

The maze begins with visitors ushered into a room to be greeted by a hillbilly who gives a brief introduction. Soon he splits the group in two, sending the first half crouching down through a narrow pitch black tunnel (which has featured in previous Thorpe mazes such as The Passing). They eventually emerge into the main part of the maze and, if the timings are right, rejoin the other half of the group.

From there, the rest of the maze features smoke filled passageways, a few jump scares from more hillbilly type actors, a chainlink fence section and a couple of chainsaw weilding lumberjacks.

A few years ago, this might have been one of the best mazes in the UK, but times have moved on. Seeing the quality that other scare attractions are achieving - including the superb detailed theming and storylines of The Attic and Darkest Depths at sister park Alton Towers' Scarefest - makes Creek Freak Massacre feel a bit stale and unoriginal. It's a good maze, but you get the feeling with a higher budget and a bit more imagination, Thorpe could have done so much better.

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Creek Freak Massacre has been built inside the old Logger's Leap queueline and station building.

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