Dead Creek Woods

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Venture through the former beauty spot of Dead Creek Woods, navigating your way around the town and past the contaminated victims of an out of control virus...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaOld Town
TypeScare Maze
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
SeasonFright Nights
Dead Creek Woods

Dead Creek Woods

Dead Creek Woods was once known for the town's idyllic scenery and the beauty of the surrounding woods, but things have changed. Following the outbreak of a virus, the unfortunate residents who didn't evacuate in time have been condemned to remain in quarantine forever ... and you've found yourself in need of navigating your way through the town before you get infected yourself.

As one of three brand new scare mazes which premiered at Fright Nights in 2018, Dead Creek Woods is the most tame and provides a perfect introduction to live action horror for those needing to get over their nerves before tackling some of the more extreme offerings.

The route starts from the old Canada Creek Railway station and makes its way down toward I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. This was the former path of the original incarnation of The Blair Witch Project, causing the 2018 version of Blair Witch to have its length cut in half to fit in both mazes.

Dead Creek Woods is decent enough outdoor scare maze, although in places it feels a bit of a budget attraction. Thorpe's Fright Night lineup was in need of something less extreme than their classic mazes, and Dead Creek Woods manages to fill that gap nicely. It's just a bit too short.

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