Fanta's Twisted Carnival

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

A limited-time extra attraction at Fright Nights, the twisted carnival is in town to advertise Fanta's soft drinks...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaAmity
TypeScare Attraction
SeasonFright Nights
Locationnear Storm in a Teacup
Fanta's Twisted Carnival

Fanta's Twisted Carnival

On limited dates at Fright Nights, the twisted carnival is in town as an added bonus attraction presented by Fanta to advertise their soft drinks products.

Visitors enter the attraction's circus tent in small groups, and are led around by one of the circus freaks who encourage them to try out various optical illusions involving mirrors and cameras.

They are then sent into a darkened room for the climax to the Twisted Carnival where, after what seems to be far too long in the blackness, a large haunted Fanta vending machine lights up. There are various special effects, culminating in the vending machine dispensing a can of special edition Blood Orange flavour Fanta, then opening up for visitors to pass through and exit.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the actors inside, the concept of the attraction is poor. It is very low capacity, meaning with only a few people in front in the queue, guests are still in for a long wait before going inside. Unless you're particularly thirsty, this is definitely a Fright Nights attraction that can be skipped.

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