The Walking Dead: Do or Die

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

The final step in your journey to safety at Sanctum ... but will you reach it before becoming food for the walkers?

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaLost City
TypeScare Maze
SeasonFright Nights
Debuted2018 (replaced The Walking Dead: Sanctum)
Will you Do, or Die?

Will you Do, or Die?

In the post-apocalyptic world of the zombie themed TV series The Walking Dead, Sanctum represents safety from the zombie-like walkers who have infested the area and are out to make you into their next meal. In The Walking Dead: Do or Die, guests must follow in the footsteps of fellow survivors through a compound to find their way to Sanctum. But is the journey really as easy as it seems?

The maze begins with guests boarding an old bus, where they are met by a slightly deranged figure urging them not to pay attention to the authorities who are claiming the route to Sanctum is safe. Soon another character boards the bus, explaining that everything is perfectly safe, eventually putting a "permanent end" to the former's protestations.

Guests then leave the bus by the rear doors finding themselves on a route through the compound, with the promise of the safety of Sanctum not far away. However, with every turn of a corner, this seems less likely as the come across more and more walkers ... can they find the rumoured food supply in a nearby Del Arno trailer before they become food themselves?

The Walking Dead: Do or Die takes up a fairly large area between Vortex, Zodiac and Colossus and is a mostly outdoor experience although the route does pass through the aforementioned bus and several shipping containers. It is well themed, with some nicely done scenes and plenty of actors roaming around. As a replacement/second attempt at the spectacular failure of The Walking Dead: Sanctum, it does a great job. There's a lot to see in the maze, and it is well worth a repeat visit. If possible, there's benefit in doing it during the daytime to really appreciate some of the scenic details, then again at night to become fully immersed in the atmosphere.

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