Angry Birds 4D Experience

Thorpe Park

Don’t just play the game, take part in your own Angry Birds adventure … in 4D!

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaAngry Birds Land
Type4D Cinema
Opened2 February 2014 (replaced Time Voyagers)
4D Theatre SystemSimworx
WriterRobert Henny
DirectorHoward E Baker
Production CompanyRovio
Pure Imagination Studios
SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment
Duration14 minutes
Angry Birds 4D

Angry Birds 4D

At the heart of Angry Birds Land is the Angry Birds 4D Experience, a 4D cinema showing the Angry Birds 4D movie throughout the day.

Alongside 3D glasses, the cinema features an array of 4D special effects to enhance the film experience. These include air puffs, leg ticklers, water sprays, smoke, bubbles, together with new vibrating and tilting seats in the refurbished cinema auditorium.

The film features the Angry Birds characters plus the Green Pigs who are out to steal the birds’ eggs. The story is pretty easy to follow, and is a full on fast paced and fun adventure.

One of the cleverest of the 4D effects is used when one of the Angry Birds is catapulted through the air: the cinema seats rock back and forward, giving the audience the feeling of being launched along with the Angry Bird toward the evil Pig. Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence throughout the film and the effect quickly feels overused, together with the slightly too-frequent water sprays.

Angry Birds 4D is a welcome re-use of the old 4D cinema, but is not in the same league as the must-do experience that was the original Pirates 4D movie.

(Note that Angry Birds 4D Experience is sometimes only open during afternoons and/or for a limited number of showings during the day. It is often unavailable during Fright Nights when the cinema is used to host alternative seasonal attractions such as Screamplexx Cinema.)

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