Time Voyagers

Thorpe Park

Follow a pair of robots on a mission to uncover why explorers have gone missing venturing into a mysterious pyramid…

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaCalypso Quay
Type4D Cinema
Opened2008 (replaced Pirates 4D)
Closed6 November 2011 (replaced by Angry Birds 4D Experience)
4D Theatre SystemTechnology Design Associates
Advanced Entertainment Technology
WriterGiovanni Eccher
DirectorDario Piana
Duration8 minutes
Time Voyagers entrance sign - inexplicably hanging from a ship's mast!

Time Voyagers entrance sign - inexplicably hanging from a ship's mast!

Time Voyagers replaced the former Pirates 4D attraction at Thorpe Park for the 2008 season. A computer-generated 3D animated film with added 4D effects, Time Voyagers took the audience on a journey following Bix and Ting, two robots who travelled through time into a strange pyramid in search of lost archaeologists.

The new film came straight from another Merlin owned theme park, Gardaland in Italy. Following rumours that Pirates 4D would be replaced by RL Stine’s Haunted Lighthouse 4D or a Pirates 4D sequel, Time Voyagers was a big disappointment. It seemed like a very rushed decision – the attraction’s main sign still hung from the Pirates 4D ship’s mast, and the film wasn’t even edited to remove the Gardaland logo at the end!

Unfortunately, the film was very dull and the storyline was almost incomprehensible. Although the Italian audio track was replaced for Thorpe Park, it didn’t really help especially since the rushed redubbing was at times hard to hear. Time Voyagers was also a curious choice for the Calypso Quay section of the park, and didn’t remotely fit in with the area’s tropical jungle theme.

Compared to the previous Pirates 4D, Time Voyagers was perhaps unsurprisingly not very popular, and closed at the end of the 2011 season. The 4D cinema sat empty and unused for the next few years, until it was refurbished and reopened to show Angry Birds 4D in 2014 as part of the new Angry Birds Land.

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